Statement of Requirements

We share our experience in continuously improving ourselves ensuring that our disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility can have a joyful and safe journey. Star Air has been attempting to meet these demands/requirements of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility.

Ticket Booking and Service Request

You need to inform us by contacting and registering your requests at our call center at least 48 hours prior to the flight along with your confirmed ticket bookings, this will enable us to deliver the best services that meet your demands. The approval for your service requests will be notified to you via e-mail.

Online Check-in

Passengers that require/desire special service (for instance wheelchair request, guiding dog transportation, etc.) or the disabled passengers that use assisting equipment (wheelchair, medical equipment, etc.) with reduced mobility cannot use online check-in service. Only the disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility that do not require/request a special service or that don’t use assisting equipment can use online check-in service.