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Minium requirements
1. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and other presentation tools. 2. Ability to set sub goals and develop strategies to achieve overall sales goals. 3. Able to use internal and external reporting systems to develop strategies that optimize partnerships for greater business success. 4. Strong interpersonal skills. 5. Able to create strong personal relationships with business partners and regulatory bodies. 6. Willingness to travel. 7. Ability to work independently. 8. Strong knowledge of domestic airlines and domestic industry. 9. Years of Experience: 10+ years with commercial scheduled airline.

key Responsibilities
1. Analysis of all aspects related to passenger revenue and load factors. 2. Responsible for network planning, pricing and revenue management, sales, distribution, customer services, marketing & advertising. 3. Drive revenue optimization through data-driven recommendations. 4. Identify revenue improvement avenues through changes in the pricing of various products, passenger segmentation, journey type, season etc. 5. Assist the leadership in developing long, medium and short-term RM strategies. 6. Revenue and cost budgeting, forecasting and target setting. 7. Monitor competition to identify opportunities and risks. 8. Provide support in terms of regular and ad hoc analysis and detailed reports on required business needs. 9. Drive business to bring in technology were ever possible. 10. Process review, improvements and automation. 11. Developing, designing, and directing the implementation of sales strategies across all markets. 12. Adapting sales strategy to shifts in market and business priorities thereby ensuring competitiveness. 13. Articulating sales policy, procedures and guidelines to support strategy implementation and meet regulatory requirements. 14. Responsible for leading and overseeing customer and business development activities, to sustainably increase sales. 15. Measuring and analyzing sales performance according to corporate KPIs and reporting to the Commercial Head. 16. Team Management. 17. Leading, directing and supervising the sales team to ensure that all objectives of the sales plan are consistently achived. 18. Monitoring performance of the management of key accounts, seeking additional revenue opportunities and building client relationships.